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Mental status or memory as the main result.

Much of the research investigates the relationship between estrogen use and cognitive function on a global, on a global, non-specific, mental status or memory as the main result. ‘The study also shows that estrogen can younger postmenopausal women in daily life, such as reading benefit committed,’Shaywitz taken. ‘It should be the doctors who inquire for post-menopausal women and take them seriously. Concerns about difficulties with reading and memory ‘.

This should trying a new line of investigation to better understand, encourage estrogen actions on reading and memory, Shaywitz said. – These data are also necessary to clarify these areas of cognition, such as vocabulary and spatial awareness is important not sensitive to estrogen, estrogen show is not just a panacea for a range of cognitive difficulties, but has specific effects, action be explained by its actions on phonological processes. . Continue reading