Another alert over ill air traveler in the U.

Another alert over ill air traveler in the U.S. Another alert has been triggered in the usa over an air flow traveler with a serious infection systemic sclerosis . This latest scare entails a teenage girl who became seriously ill on an AirTran Airways from Orlando to Wichita by way of Atlanta in Georgia. The lady, whose identity has not been released, has since been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and is in a crucial condition at Wesley Medical Center now.

Annual flu vaccine may offer protection of any kind of viral strain regardless, says Penn State physician Every full year at this time, we hear it's time to get the flu shot. After last calendar year's vaccine missed the mark, how does the guts for Disease Control regain the community's self-confidence that their predictions will hold up this year? With the facts. Regarding to Dr. Jay Zimmermann, a primary care physician at Penn State Hershey Medical Group Elizabethtown, the annual vaccine may offer protection irrespective of which strains it contains, although this year's vaccine is apparently a good match. There is some similarity between the strains as well as your body responds to the different parts of the virus in different ways, Zimmermann said.

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