The procedure was generally well tolerated.

Ten healthy adult volunteers were treated with CELLECTRA unit and were asked to adjust the level of discomfort they experienced point immediately after electroporation and at various times thereafter. The procedure was generally well tolerated. On average, patients reported a moderate discomfort during the procedure. However, the discomfort was short-lived, with comfort levels approaching baseline within 30 minutes after the procedure. Other complaints were mild and did not require treatment.

PENNVAX – B, the first of VGX Pharmaceuticals Syncon DNA vaccine candidate is in Phase I clinical trials as a preventive vaccine against HIV infection. VGX Pharmaceuticals is planning three other INDs for his Syncon DNA vaccine candidate in the first two quarters of the year to submit 2008: VGX-3100, a therapeutic vaccine for the treatment of cervical cancer, VGX-3200, a therapeutic based on human growth hormone releasing hormone for cancer cachexia and VGX-3400, a pandemic of avian flu vaccine. All these vaccines by by CELLECTRA unit..The two States shall are also work to newborns health a suitable follow-up care after leaving hospital neonatal intensive care, improve plan and more reproductive care and enhanced screening of, Evaluation and treatment of for perinatal depression. – We all with an interest in health of the children of our country, said Sebelius. Exploring new technologies and initiatives help ensure that our children to received are the high quality care they need and deserve. .. Florida will tested IL Illinois gathering and reporting the recommended kids that quality of care actions in several delivery systems and populations.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced a subsidy of more than $ 11 million Florida quality of care and delivery system written for children in Medicaid and improving child health Insurance Program .

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