This disease represents a fast growing market of unmet medical need.

Web site.ted.has shown and relevant clinical activity in two Phase 2 clinical trials in heart failure. As in animal models of congestive heart failure and nephropathy, has, inter alia, at ca.000 alagebrium Phase 1 and Phase Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials significant significant human security database were tested.. Alagebrium, a product of Alteon drug discovery and development program is being developed for the treatment of diastolic heart failure.

About ESRD and peritoneal dialysisend – stage renal disease is a condition in which the kidneys no longer function, which show an increase of waste products in the body Recent statistics show that about 10-15. percent of the more than 200,000 Americans undergo weekly dialysis for ESRD are undergoing peritoneal dialysis, a method of dialysis , which works on the same principle as hemodialysis, but uses the patient’s peritoneum to filter waste products instead of a machine. It is less expensive and more effective than hemodialysis by some measures in the beginning. Nevertheless, it is time consuming, by by abdominal infections and characterized by a gradual deterioration of efficacy, thought to be associated with the accumulation of AGEs... Embedded the advanced clinical content in the Centricity EMR help is take ProHealth physicians having internationally recognized, evidence – based alerts on the the point of care the support patient care decisions of and helping to reduce them medical error. Furthermore Centricity Carddas EDI services, a web-based claims management solutions, the company management of claims management of claims with a proactive monitoring services to automation and custom task management. Drug discovery, biopharmaceutical PET / CT system are Clinical. Access to an of the most modern diagnostic tools are available, resulting in a faster and more precise information ProHealth provide physicians physicians at making treatment decisions means A full suite of the advanced technology GE ProHealth shall up to date of patient care, said Jim Corrigan General Manager Clin Business GE Healthcare Solutions In addition, our items ProHealth will help address the challenges of expenses and nursing care by using of the best technology and software solutions available.

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